Beyond the Environment – Why europeans’ next car could be electric

Beyond the Environment – Why europeans’ next car could be electric

To sell more electric cars, vehicle manufacturers need to look beyond appeals to environmental concern and start addressing practical considerations like battery life and price. That’s the picture that emerges from a new YouGov report into consumer perception of electric cars across nine European markets. The research shows that, although half of European consumers say helping the environment is a reason to buy an electric car, only 6% say it’s their only reason.

And while that means concern for the environment is the biggest single motivation, two of the next three most popular reasons given are financial. A third of those surveyed cited the lower running costs of electric cars, and just over a quarter said they were motivated by the tax breaks giveThe flipside is that nearly two-thirds of consumers said the limited charging infrastructure was a barrier to them buying an electric car, 58% had concerns about battery life and 53% were worried about the cost.

All this suggests that manufacturers have got the environmental message about electric cars across, and that the purchase decision is now driven by similar factors as for traditional vehicles.

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