Shattering Stereotypes in Search to Create a More Inclusive World

Shattering Stereotypes in Search to Create a More Inclusive World

A picture is worth a thousand words. But what if the words being inputted to find the picture are beset by implicit biases and outdated stereotypes, holding the advertising industry back from portraying an accurate image of the world we live in today, in all its diversity?

This whitepaper seeks to provide a broad industry view on what can be done to improve inclusivity in search and how it is being addressed across a range of industries.

Below are some of the key steps from the whitepaper for addressing biases in search:

  • Acknowledge your own implicit biases
    Ensure that your business is acknowledging its own implicit biases: is it all inclusive? Are diverse people leading these conversations? Unstrip and understand the biases in your brands and build them up from the right foundation to drive this new way of thinking.
  • Create dialogue with your customers
    Stop relying on assumptions about who they are and what they want and consider their perspective on what the world looks like. Let them guide your creative decisions and build tech in an agile way to be able to continually adapt and improve based on that.
  • Help normalise diverse content
    If we all start choosing, searching and using more diverse and representative content in advertising and across all aspects of our business, and reviewing keyword blocklists to ensure they are inclusive, that will help make it more popular and, therefore, normalise it.

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