Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Today, user-generated content is everywhere and stories or negative reviews can go viral in a matter of seconds. This makes controlling online information about your brand more challenging than ever.

To be successful and to protect your online reputation, you need to track, optimize and monitor all information about you that is visible online, and control how this information is presented to users. This applies to all digital marketing channels, such as your website, Social Media, Google, online review platforms or digital trade directories. This Searchmetrics Whitepaper focuses on how you can take control of your brand’s appearance in the Google search engine, and make sure that your online reputation stays strong.

This whitepaper provides solutions to the following problems:

  • What can I do if Google is getting my brand information wrong?
  • How can I control the online information about my company?
  • How can I get Google to pay me more attention?

You will also gain insights on making use of the Google knowledge graph, the new information panel related to Google’s result pages and a holistic digital marketing strategy. Download your copy today.