Tackle the Digital Attribution Challenge with this free whitepaper

Tackle the Digital Attribution Challenge with this free whitepaper

One of the key challenges that marketers face is how to measure the effectiveness of the multitude of marketing activities consumers are exposed to. This is even more important during economic turmoil, such as that caused by Covid-19. In these times, marketers have to be even more efficient and constantly prove the return on investment (ROI) of their activities as the budgets are stricter and pressure is higher.

This mission of achieving clear attribution is one of the reasons why marketers have been turning more and more towards online activities. Digital advertising promises full transparency and accountability but, contrary to common belief, surveys show that marketers are becoming less confident about their digital ROI. Why is that? One of the reasons is that many commonly used digital attribution methods simply don’t provide the full picture. Among them, ‘last click’ is by far the most commonly used – and also the most flawed one. It is used because it’s easy to use, but it discards all the activities that led to the final activity. This is especially important when also using offline advertising, but even when talking about online-only it overrates the impact of certain activities (in our study, by as much as 30%).

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  • What makes digital attribution so special
  • The pros and cons of different methods of tackling the attribution challenge
  • Six steps marketers should follow to improve their marketing effectiveness