Salesforce's sixth edition of the 'State of Marketing' report

Salesforce's sixth edition of the 'State of Marketing' report

While governments across Asia have leaned in with stimulus packages to help businesses navigate this challenging period, there are more businesses can do to ensure they meet the changing needs of their customers and emerge from this pandemic stronger and more prepared to grow and recover. Today 73% of customers say that a great experience with one brand raises their expectations of every brand. As a marketer, we are at the forefront of transforming our brands to meet this ever increasing demand and will look to answer the question: what’s next?

According to the Salesforce’s latest 6th edition The State of Marketing report, innovation is a top priority for marketers. 84% of customers say their experience with a company is as important as its products and services. Personalisation will influence everything including brand awareness, loyalty and lead generation. The report presents full insights of nearly 7,000 marketing leaders worldwide which highlights on the strategic priorities, challenges, and technologies that transform the profession and which could play a critical role in helping businesses navigate the recovery process, even as they pivot their business models.

Discover the latest insights from Salesforce on:

  • The new mandate for marketing transformation
  • How customer data is driving more empathetic marketing
  • How marketing KPIs are shifting — and how marketers are defining success

To learn more on the latest Marketing trends, download the report to stay ahead of the marketing game and get ready to give your customers their best experience in 2021.