Understanding Airline & Travel Booking Trends

Understanding Airline & Travel Booking Trends


Uncover SaleCycle's findings from tracking over 280 Million online bookings.

Online booking abandonment is a big issue in the travel industry, especially for airlines. 

SaleCycle's most recent data puts the average global abandonment rate at 87.9% for airline sites, with the travel industry average at 81%. 

In this report, we open the lid on data tracked from over 280 million online bookings and abandonments and highlight trends in booking behavior. 

These trends provide lessons on how airlines and travel sites can address and minimize online abandonment and improve the booking process to increase future online bookings.

Key take-aways from this report include: 

  • Data trends from over 90 of the biggest and best known travel brands in the world.
  • Tips to improve user experience in the booking funnel.
  • Recommendations for leveraging trends to increase future conversion.

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