The Economic Impact Of Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Platform

The Economic Impact Of Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Platform

Digital is the new directive for businesses across the globe. In fact, according to a survey conducted among business leaders, close to 80% said they had a top-down mandate to turn digital into a competitive differentiator, and 48% even called it an “urgent” priority.

Forrester TEI Report Shows Sitefinity Can Deliver a 245% ROI

For any business under immense pressure to drive digital transformation, a digital experience platform (DXP) can be an invaluable asset. However, with many modern marketers forced to justify every expense, they also need to keep their budget in mind and choose a platform that provides a return on investment.

Progress Sitefinity offers the best of both worlds—a powerful, easy-to-use DXP that helps deliver measurable results. Forrester recently conducted a study into the total economic impact of Sitefinity and concluded that customers could see an ROI of 245%.

See how real-world businesses are using Sitefinity to drive their digital ambitions—and how you can do the same.

  • Improve integration capacity with key external applications
  • Drive digital delivery efficiency with a centralized platform approach
  • Deliver an intuitive, marketer-friendly UI that frees IT for critical projects 

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