Have You Taken Your Digital Marketing In-House Yet?

Have You Taken Your Digital Marketing In-House Yet?

Change. Sometimes it happens quickly. Often its agonisingly slow. But if the current pandemic has shown us anything, it is that business as we knew it is not really sustainable. Same with in-housing. The changing nature of relationship between brands and their agencies, the increased scrutiny of marketing budgets, and the rise of digital media in a post-GDPR world has meant a wave of in-housing as the inevitable consequence.

Of course, in-housing isn’t an all-or-nothing decision. But is now the right time to in-house, especially when the two main cost evaluations appear to be on media spend and overall agency fees?

The Drum, in partnership with Modo25, has produced a whitepaper evaluating some of these questions and assessing how some companies will be comfortable establishing new teams and departments, while others may turn to managed in-housing specialists for help bringing unfamiliar disciplines into the business. As TUI brand and content director, Toby Horry says in the report: “Start by bringing the high-volume work in-house, because that’s what makes the most economic sense. You need to think much harder about whether to in-house elements that you only need occasionally.”

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