Why Start Digital Transformation with PIM?

Why Start Digital Transformation with PIM?

Go from here:
“Product information was everywhere, and nowhere to be found, and not always complete.” – Product Data Manager

To here: 
“We can change the product information in one place and have it published in all channels in about 15 minutes.” – Advertising Manager

There are many reasons to start a digital transformation with a PIM solution. Transformational solutions like inRiver PIM help organizations streamline and redefine processes to enable teams to build better customer experiences.

With a solid product information strategy and the right tools, you can move from manually updating product content to a streamlined process that drives exceptional customer experience.

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  • Why product information is a key component for building trust and brand loyalty in omnichannel commerce
  • Why a product information management (PIM) solution is the best foundation for your digital commerce strategy
  • How you can enable the production, customization, and distribution of product content to multiple sales channels easily with inRiver.