The Sci-Fi Shopper

The Sci-Fi Shopper

So, think you know what customers want?

Elastic Path surveyed 1,015 consumers and 300 B2C marketing professionals to understand what customers expect in the future of ecommerce and how brands are actually performing against those expectations. What did they find? Brands are still missing the mark.

What’s worse is organizations are not taking the time to learn from the digitally native brands that are winning the retail game and instead, investing far too much in misguided technology strategies that are putting them even further away from what shoppers really want.

Case in point:

  • Brands rated their work in delivering futuristic experiences a 7 out of 10; Customers rated them a 4
  • 67% of customers want checkout-less payments; 18% of brands provide it.
  • The majority of consumers (57%) report they don’t think brands are doing enough to solve their most pervasive pain points

In this eBook, Elastic Path share exactly what customers really want both online and in the retail store of the future. Learn how you can leverage new and emerging technologies to deliver on that and, Elastic Path reveal the secret sauce to future-proof your brand to delight customers for years to come. 

Get Your Copy Today and Enable the Future of Ecommerce for your Customers.