How can B2B Businesses Benefit from going Headless?

How can B2B Businesses Benefit from going Headless?

Today, B2B businesses are still working to fully embrace digital channels in order to meet the needs and expectations of their customers. To do so, they need to move away from a transactional mentality and utilize rich imaging, video, and detailed storytelling content to convey the products and services that differentiate them from an increasingly highly competitive market.

In order to accomplish this, they need to go headless but given that B2B business is inherently pragmatic, the notion of using headless B2B eCommerce solutions comes with many questions.

In this webinar, Darin Archer, CMO of Elastic Path, James Brooks, CEO of Amplience and John Williams, CTO of Amplience discuss:

  • How headless creates value in B2B
  • The ways in which the evolution of the B2B buyer persona has changed purchase experience requirements
  • Making the headless content and commerce synergy that has been so successful in B2C commerce a reality for B2B businesses
  • Customer success stories on how they were able to leverage technology to digitally transform the purchase experience for their buyers and sellers.