2021 Instagram Industry Benchmarks: Unlocking ROI in the UK and Europe

2021 Instagram Industry Benchmarks: Unlocking ROI in the UK and Europe

As we approach a year of lockdowns, there’s no hiding from the fact that digitally-enabled shopping behaviours have risen in tandem with the ubiquity of the digital shelf - and these new social habits will influence the direction of social commerce activity for years to come.

The unexpected twists and turns of 2020 highlighted the importance of brand agility and those who thrived embraced this shift toward social commerce by using Instagram as a critical touchpoint in the online shopper’s buying journey. The convergence of social media and e-commerce will be key for marketers looking to gain traction with social-first consumers.

Dash Hudson analyzed the data of the top 50 brands on Instagram across six key industries - luxury, fashion, beauty, retail, CPG and consumer electronics - to uncover the strategies used to nurture consumer-brand relationships from discovery to purchase in 2020.

Setting the new standard for Instagram in 2021

From UGC to short-form video content across IGTV and Reels to purpose-driven and inclusive business practices, the report spotlights Giorgio Armani, ASOS, Charlotte Tilbury, Lancôme, Farfetch, Superdrug, Lindt, Redbull, Dove, Remarkable, Sennheiser, and many more, to create a series of Instagram industry benchmarks for KPIs including Average Engagement, Average Growth Rate, Average Weekly Owned Reach and Average Weekly Posts.

In this report, you will discover:

  • Best practice marketing tactics and techniques used by leading brands on Instagram
  • 2021 Instagram industry benchmarks to help understand your current numbers
  • How to unlock long-term business growth, engagement and ROI in the UK and Europe.