Product Information Management: Unlocking omnichannel revenue

Product Information Management: Unlocking omnichannel revenue

As the technological landscape continues to evolve at high speed, the way in which brands are conducting business and targeting their audiences is similarly changing.

With tools and processes becoming ever more sophisticated, brands are now able to reach consumers at various touchpoints across many sales channels; this is when brands develop their omnichannel strategy. This ensures a compelling and consistent experience for consumers throughout their journey and allows them to become more fully immersed in a brand’s content, creating more loyal customers that are likely to eschew competitors.

In order to achieve this, many businesses are turning to PIM (Product Information Management) solutions; a centralised environment for collecting, managing and distributing product information.

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  • Scale operations using high-quality, contextual product information
  • Tackle cross-border expansion and localisation

Provided by teams of experts, brands are finally able to ensure that all product information is high quality, up-to-date and consistent with brand guidelines and image.

The Drum is hosting a whitepaper developed by the experts at Akeneo, providing a deep dive into the essentials of PIM and how it can be leveraged by your business to create better, more compelling experiences for your audience.

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